Hush Little Girl

To Our Young Queens… We HEAR You

We SEE You

We LOVE You Please ALWAYS Remember Your Worth, and Know That You Are NEVER The CAUSE For Anyone Else’s ACTIONS…

They were always quick to yell, “Hush little girl!”

“Stop running off at the mouth!”

“Why you always hangin’ round us grown folks anyway?”

No one ever realized the little girl had something to say

She wanted someone to really listen to her pain

So she’d go on and on for hours rambling or telling jokes

As the words she silently screamed made her choke

Hoping someone would listen

Maybe even see a glimpse of sadness as she spoke

But as always she was dismissed to silenced

“A child should be seen and not heard”

“Be quiet, go sit down somewhere”

No one would listen to the nightmare she had to share

“Now don’t say another word till that big hand is on the 3”

In silence her mind rambled 1000 times, “Listen to me!”

Sitting motionless in grave despair

She gazed the clock in a hypnotic stare

Her enraged soul once again reached death ears

Tick-tock; tick-tock

Twirling the beads in her hair…. she whispered

“Why won’t they listen to me?”

“He touched me and…and I didn’t like it”

“He wouldn’t stop and now it hurts down there”

Her legs began to fidget as the thoughts raced through her head

Scratching at the sofas fabric till her fingers turned red

Tick-tock; tick-tock

Soon it will be 3 and I can get out of here

….Back to my childhood where no one seemed to care

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