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My name is Ibrahim Grimes, I’m 14 years old, and I go to The Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. I’m very concerned right now about the racist things going on today in our communities. It seems like every time I turn around, cops are shooting and killing people who look like me, whether they are armed or not, and whether they have committed a crime or not. They are not even given a chance. They are never taken in by minimal force, like a Taser or shooting to hurt not to kill, it’s always the extreme – to kill them without a thought, shooting them many, many times to make sure they are dead and then claim that even though there are 7 or 8 other cops there with weapons, and the victim only has a 3 inch knife and walking away from you all, that you were scared for your life. That seems to be the going phrase for cops when they kill unarmed Black people.

It’s stupid and unbelievable but they still get away with it. Even when Black people haven’t done any crimes, cops want to say that they feared for their lives, so they felt like they had a right to kill a black person. The part that really makes me mad is the cops are never charged with any crime, even when they lie and videos prove that they lied and they get away with it, so they basically think its ok to keep doing it. The news makes every black person sound like a thug even when they are the victims, but when it’s a white criminal, they always describe them as being calm and mild – even when they committed a violent crime.

It makes me so angry that nobody seems to see the unfairness of it all. I get tired of seeing it, hearing about it, and it makes me weary and I feel useless to be able to change it. It’s like even when we protest, nobody hears us and nobody cares. I am educated and I plan to go to college and have a career in engineering. I am in a lot of education programs to make sure I have a good future and I know of lot of other young black people who are doing the same thing.

I plan on doing some good things for my community and my school while I’m young, and hopefully when I’m an engineer I will do something good for the world. I wear hoodies, and joggers and I am young and black. I don’t want my life to get taken because of that. I don’t want any of my brothers or my friends or anybody else to get killed because of that. I worry about it a lot. It is exhausting, and I am getting tired.


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