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I am Isa Grimes, I am 13 and I go to The Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. So it seems like all of a sudden me and my family are the subjects of somebody else’s bigotry and racism. We are Black and we are Muslim. In just a few weeks, it seems like Americans have been fighting with each other over what to call the people who do terroristic things to other people. At first, I didn’t think anything about it. I heard about “terrorism” on the news before and just like everybody else, always thought it had to do with extreme religious organizations doing bad things to innocent people. But then I started being more aware of who and what they were talking about. It seemed like every time anybody of Arab-descent or that had an Arabic name did something, it was automatically assumed that it was terrorism. But when a white person did the exact same thing – it was only called “unfortunate tragedy”. I also notice that words to describe the people who did it were different too. If it was an Arab person, they were “radicalized” by a group of “Muslim Extremists”, but if it was a white person, they were a loner, or mentally ill, or suffering from something, but never a terrorist.

Then it seems like people wanted Muslims to apologize for these attacks like we did them, or we are responsible for what any individual person does when they call themselves Muslims. I mean, nobody asked all Christians to apologize when the guy shot all those people at Planned Parenthood, or when Timothy McVeigh bombed a federal building with kids in it. NOBODY! So now because the two people who the FBI says were involved in a shooting are Arab, some politicians are blaming ALL Muslims. Because he’s spreading his hate and Islamophobia on the News and in the papers, there are attacks almost every day on innocent Muslims, especially women, by racist people right here in America. They are terrorizing Muslim-Americans because politicians are being careless with stereotypes and small minded people are listening to it, and reacting off of hate.

Well, Islam is a peaceful religion, and if people took the time to find out about Muslims and Islam, they would know this. It is hurtful when people think different than that. Everyone who knows us as a Muslim family knows that we are great people.


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