A Student's Stance

Do you have trouble being the best you can be in school? I know some people might say “it’s easier to be bad than good,” but really it’s not that hard. The first step is to separate yourself from others you find yourself in conflict with, or just some friends that you really get along with and can’t stop talking to. The second step is to be present – not just come to school every day, but read on to find out what I really mean. The last step is to ask questions: ask questions when you don’t understand a problem, or ask if you need a teacher to repeat something.

MOVE!!! That’s all you need to do to help yourself. I know you want to sit next to your friends in class, but you have to think before you do. Think how that would affect you. Think about if you’ll talk, if you’ll cause disruption, or if you’ll not get your work done. You always want to sit next to someone that could help you as far as with class work, or just not to talk. Really you don’t have to sit next to a person. You can just isolate yourself completely. You can move to a desk by yourself close to the front or farther whichever works for you.

Now what I said earlier…Be PRESENT. Present means to be there mentally and physical. Don’t think about what’s going to happen later or what already happened. Think about what’s going on now and actively listen. Block out all distractions and focus on what’s going on now. Don’t worry if you don’t get something right and don’t worry if you don’t know the answer because usually if you pay close attention you will know.

My last piece of advice, don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS!!! Asking questions could be a problem for some people. They may be embarrassed to say something, but most likely there is more than one person who doesn’t know the answer, so you’re kind of doing them a favor too. Another reason, teachers might seem like they can, but they usually can’t read minds, and they won’t know you need help unless you ask for it. It’s not that hard!!!

In conclusion, these are a few ways to be the best student you can be. Step one, place yourself apart from everyone who can’t help you be the best you. Step two, is for you to be present. Don’t just show up with a big smile on your face; pay attention to the teacher, or even the student if he/she is the speaker. Last step, ask questions if you need help or answers. Can you master the skill of being the best you can be in school?

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