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Legacy engages our audience via a dream sequence, where a disenchanted young man falls into a frustrated sleep, only to meet the teenaged versions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and Frederick Douglass.  The Legacy being brought to meet ou...

The Philadelphia Tribune recently posted an article about role models in the black community. Although this article primarily focuses on role models within the medical field, what are your thoughts on role models in general and how they may/may not influence young...

We would like to say THANK YOU to all of the Legacy supporters, actors, and people who worked behind the scenes! You all made the event special and allowed our young people to give a wonderful presentation of our ancestors and leaders. Please share your photos and thou...

Have you heard about the PA judge who was sentenced to 28 years’ prison for receiving bribes from developers of juvenile detention centers? All too often, it's our Black and minority youth who are the victims of the school-to-prison pipeline or kids-for-cash practices....

Check out this article from the LA Times, which explores the uphill battle many of our black youth face in these days and times. Although the story is based on LA youth, it is also relevant for the young black people everywhere. One of the solutions provided by a mothe...

On November 15th we will be presenting The Poetic Cypher, a phenomenal showcase of live poetry from talented artists. Please review the attached flyer for more information. Tickets to this event can be purchased by clicking here. 

If you're interested in presenting...

On The Conversation tonight, our featured topic will focus on Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence Awareness month began October 1981 and supporters advocated for women and children who were victims of such abuse. In 2015, we now know that domestic violence impacts wom...

Check out this latest video from Childhoodslost production of "Thot." Please feel free to share on social media. Additionally, if you're interested in sharing your poetry at one of our next events, please visit our website for more information.

Thanks for all of the s...

I guess somehow we must remember all those buried pains so we can truly move on and forget what’s been holding us back.

Oh how I used to pray to God to make it stop, make it all go away. 

Oh how angry I became each day as it continued on ... and how I constantly asked G...

To Our Young Queens…

We SEE You

Please ALWAYS Remember Your Worth, and Know That You Are NEVER The CAUSE For Anyone Else’s ACTIONS…

They were always quick to yell, “Hush little girl!”

“Stop running off at the mouth!”

“Why you always hangin’ round us...

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Kaliek Hayes & Stephen Gardner

Both Kaliek and Stephen's main objective is to passionately use theater to showcase “art with a purpose” as both an intervention and preventative tool for youth whose childhoods are at risk.

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