Childhoodslost Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, birthed by Kaliek Hayes and Stephen Gardner, brothers who share a vision of hope and change regarding important issues that affect our youth. Knowing firsthand the effects of innocence lost during childhood and how the impact results as major themes in adulthood.

Childhoodslost deal with issues in their truest forms! And that is telling unadulterated stories. The founders lived as products of the streets, broken homes and broken lives.  These experiences have allowed Kaliek and Stephen to truly understand the exact effects and needs of youth living with painful realities because their childhoods were stolen.

"Our vision is to also mentor and lead our youth to their purpose by being an example of courage and resilience. Although our plays are tragic drama, the messages are meant to inspire hope and change for a youth watching who can find relevance within their own story.” – Founder Kaliek Hayes

Childhoodslost Foundation


To expose and combat many of the destructive natures our youth face such as: violence, promiscuity, substance abuse, trauma, crime and other self defeatism.

To provide original productions that are meaningful and thought provoking, in hopes that our youth will learn that their voices are heard; and that we care about the difficulties they face.

To also assure that we reach as many youth as we can, in hopes to create a movement of awareness and change in efforts to protect their innocence.  




Both Kaliek and Stephen's main objective is to passionately use theater to showcase “art with a purpose” as both an intervention and preventative tool for youth whose childhoods are at risk.

To represent the voices of all youth who have been silenced by the painful traumas in their childhoods. The stage is the platform for telling powerful stories intended to move people to end childhood atrocities that are very well known, but are sadly still being overlooked. Childhoodslost productions hope to make turning away from issues that matter uncomfortable, and help to protect our youth, a communal urgency.